Terms & Conditions


Ubud Directory Platform contains listings/ business directory, and promotional banners in digital formats that can be accessed from the main domain https://ubuddirectory.com and multiple subdomain such as https://info.ubuddirectory.com depending the context and the purposes.



Users are divided into 2 (two) categories.
Listing’s owners: are people that register to put their business on the platform.
Visitors: are people that visiting the platform as a viewers with or without register.



Ubud Directory platform will not accommodate, facilitate, and responsible for any transactions that happened between listing owners and visitors.

The transaction that happened between listing’s owners and the platform mostly done digitally directly from the platform, but for several features, there might an off-line transaction that will be documented and recorded.

Listing’s owners are paying to the platform to put their business into the platform. Payment is being done yearly and not using any subscription method. For listing owners and non-listing owners that using out banner advertising features, payment validity is for a weekly and monthly basis.



Bank Transfer: means the payment will be directly transferred to the platform account, without a third party. Any form of transfer receipts can be used as proof of payment.

Cash on delivery: means payment will be cash basis to Ubud Directory team, and hard copy receipt will be given.

Payment via virtual account and other methods that managed by a third party called MidTrans. To read their Privacy policy & terms and condition can be read at https://midtrans.com/privacy-policy.


Refund Policy

Any payment that is done for listing/directory and ads banner are not refundable and not transferable.



Ubud Directory will only able to guarantee the platform functions for listings/directories and advertising.
Other factors that might happen from being third party involvement will not be the responsibility of the Ubud Directory. This is includes server downtime, network connection, and device failures.